Really this won’t be long. But, I noticed that every time I pack and move somewhere, I always have a journal entry from that day. I just so happened to be going through my past journals while packing, and I stumbled across this entry:

“I am packing, which is taking forever as usual. The problem with packing is that I find stuff and then want to look at it and then I end up looking at scrapbooks and writing in journals.”


Alright, so nothing profound, but I thought it was funny and a bit ironic that I stumbled across that while packing. But it’s always nice for me to read through all my past journals and discover what has changed in the past few years. The last time I moved, I was moving home from college. I’m an adult that has been living at home for the last 3 years, like many adults. Actually, 38% of adult children live at home with their parents. It’s really becoming a new norm thanks to the economy and rising cost of education.

Anyway, I’m moving out and it’s fantastic. Life hasn’t always been easy. I graduated college and could only find a part time job for a year (in my degree field). But, I worked hard and took some extra classes and then started working a full time job that helped me become accepted into PA school. I lived at home for 3 years in my childhood bedroom. I start PA (physician assistant) school in about 2 weeks, I moved out, and I got engaged about 2 months ago. My fiancé has also had some positive things in his life right now, as well. I’d say life is pretty good right now.

So there, future self, keep on keepin’ on. Life has it’s ups and downs but focus on the positive and you’ll be better for it.